How to Save Money on Your Automobile Insurance

automobile insurance
Virtually every state requires motorists to carry at least minimal levels of liability automobile insurance to protect others against the costs of medical bills and property damage from an accident. A significant percentage of motorists do not abide by the law and endanger other motorists, pedestrians, and property owners in the process. The cost of auto insurance is why many car owners skip the coverage. Instead of driving illegally, a few timely tips could help to reduce your auto insurance bill.

Find the Right Insurer

Some auto insurers love having clients who are older, married, and own homes. When someone applies for coverage who is young, single, and rents a home, that insurer likely will offer an unrealistic insurance rate to discourage the potential client. Others might prefer offering discounted rates to younger drivers so that they can get them early and keep them through much of their driving years. Car owners need to find the right insurers to obtain the best rates. Some insurers only operate in certain states and might have more affordable rates that are available. Others might provide discounts for new clients to get them to come aboard and sign up for an insurance policy. Others might provide discounts for members of different organizations, like the AARP. But those insurers cannot be found if uninsured drivers do not shop around for the best rates

Bundle Coverages and Earn Discounts

Many auto insurers also provide insurance coverage for homeowners, rentals, boats, ATVs, and other property. When policyholders have multiple vehicles, a home, and maybe one or two recreational vehicles, obtaining insurance coverage from the same insurer can save money on car insurance rates. And if a policyholder has more than one car, truck, SUV, or other vehicles, multi-vehicle discounts usually apply and make insuring vehicles more affordable.

Driver Safety Programs and Other Rate Incentives

Nothing keeps car insurance rates as low as possible like maintaining a good driving record. Drivers with long driving histories and no recent tickets or accidents always get the best rates. But even they can get discounted rates by successfully completing a driver safety course. Many are available online and could earn a significant rate discount. Joining an insurer’s safe-driving program also could help lower rates. The Insurance Research Council says about one in eight motorists in the United States does not have insurance coverage of the vehicles that they are driving. Discounted rates could help many of those drivers.

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